Florida Beaches

With all of Florida’s coast line there are many beaches to choose from for your family picnic. The ocean surrounds this state and makes it one of the most attractive spring break destinations. You simply can’t visit Florida without taking a trip to one of the Florida beaches.

One of the many activities offered by the crystal blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean are the diving opportunities. In fact, Florida beaches offer the perfect mix of aquatic life and landscape. Artificial and living reefs, sea turtles, manatees, shallow waters, and cave diving are part of the Florida beach experience.

Surfing is another past time enjoyed by many individuals flocking to Florida Beaches. The waves are inviting and ready for action. Bring your best board and head for Sebastian Inlet Park, one of the best Florida beaches for surfing.

Florida beaches offer a variety of festivals. These festivals include diving festivals, boat shows, and the famous mullet toss. The Mullet toss is a festival where individuals throw a fish, called a mullet, across the border between Florida and Alabama.

Florida beaches also offer a variety of unique activities including kite flying, and sand sculpting contests. They also offer great beaches for picnicking, volleyball and treasure hunting. Remember to bring an ice chest for your cool drinks. Collecting sea shells and other treasures are also a fun activity at any of Florida’s beaches.

One of the reasons Florida beaches are so beautiful to visit is the result of the Clean Beaches Council. They have taken it upon themselves to help ensure that the quality of these natural treasures remain beautiful for future generations. At the moment, there are 43 Florida beaches that have applied for and obtained the “Blue Wave” certification.

For more information on Florida beaches contact the tourism department and request a free brochure. This will help you plan your vacation and don’t forget to visit Florida beaches.




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