Florida Fishing

There are two main types of Florida fishing. Both freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing are available in Florida. However, you do require a fishing license. In fact, they both have their own licenses. So, if you are planning to do both types of fishing you will need two licenses.

Florida fishing fees are set by the Florida legislature for hunting and fishing. Fishing licenses can be obtained at most fishing supply stores, bait and tackle shops, or Wal-mart. However, the cheapest place to purchase a fishing license is directly through your tax collector’s office. Other agents may charge additional issuance fees and charges.

Fishing licenses are going to cost more for non-residents than it will if you are living in Florida. However, all license fees are put back into the care of Florida wild life ensuring that it continues to provide recreation for many years to come.

Florida fishing may not require a license in certain circumstances. For instance, children under 16 years old do not require a fishing license. Residents who are older than 64 are also not required to purchases a license. However, both age groups may be required to provide proof of their age.

There are certain areas that have a mix of both freshwater and saltwater fish. In these cases, you are not required to have both fishing licenses, but you are expected to only take fish that are allowed by your license.

Make sure you have the correct fishing gear for the type of fishing you have been licensed for. Those fishing with gear created for a type of fishing that they do not have a license for, may be seen as fishing illegally. This may be the case if an individual is fishing with saltwater gear when he only has a freshwater license.




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