Florida Newspaper

The Miami Herald is the oldest South Florida newspaper. This Florida newspaper is known for its Pulitzer winning stories. Yet, it is also plays an active role in the Miami community and is known for its support of the Hispanic community as well.

The first Florida newspaper put out by the Herald occurred after December 12, 1910. Before that time the newspaper was named The Miami Evening Record and had released its first edition on September 15, 1903. In 2004 it was said to be the 24th largest newspaper in the country.

Florida is known for its diverse culture. Since Florida is such a southern state it is logical that the Hispanic culture is a large part of their diversity. This makes it imperative that Florida newspapers accommodate that aspect. The Miami Herald has recognized this and in 2004 they even went international with a Mexican edition of the paper.

This Florida newspaper has a heart and a helping hand. The Miami Herald has been giving the Silver Knight Awards to local high school seniors who have proven themselves in their communities in school work. In addition the Wish Book Program allows individuals in need to ask the readers for support and donations.

The Miami Herald is also a top-notch Florida newspaper in respects to the reporting. They received their first Pulitzer Prize for their reporting of organized crime in the 1950’s. Since winning their first Pulitzer Prize they have gone on to win 17 more for the superior reporting.

The reason for this Florida newspaper’s success is the superior writers employed by the Miami Herald. Leonard Pitts, Jr., Dave Barry, and Carl Hiaasen are among the great writers who contribute to the success of the Miami Herald. However each of the 450 members of the newsroom staff contribute their share to this success of this Florida newspaper.




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