Florida Real Estate Lawyer

When you are dealing with a real estate agent you must remember that they have a vested interest in the outcome of the sale. In fact, the only person that will be devoted to your best interest is your Florida real estate lawyer. It’s you and your Florida real estate lawyer against everyone else. However, most of the time it will not seem this clear. A good real estate agent will make you feel that they have your best interest at heart, and they may, but having someone unbiased will give you that extra insurance.

Many individuals hire their Florida real estate lawyer more towards the closing of the transaction. Though they may be trying to cut down on costs, they end up going through important aspects without any unbiased help. In many circumstances, hiring an attorney prior to signing the purchase contract may not be any more expensive and it may save money by protecting you from entering an unfair transaction.

There are many benefits to hiring a Florida real estate lawyer earlier in the game. In addition to providing sound legal advice and acting as a partner on your behalf, they can also answer income and state tax issues, property and zoning issues, and probate issues. In addition, a Florida real estate lawyer can also ensure that your legal description is correct, that your title will retain it’s marketability for future sale, and can create a bill of sale for property that will remain with the house.

Another important task that can be done through your Florida real estate lawyer is title insurance. This can also be done by a title company but for the same costs a Florida real estate lawyer can provide additional services. Depending on whether the attorney is acting as your closing agent, there may not be any additional fees for this service. An attorney can also prepare the purchase contract, resolve any title issues that were found, and give you legal advise during the whole process.



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