Florida State Parks

There are currently 157 Florida state parks. These parks offer a large number of activities that are as varied as the state. From manatees on the coast, everglades, and camping, Florida state parks offer it all.

One of the best parts about Florida state parks is that they are open to the public all year long. Since Florida’s weather can allow them to take advantage of the state’s sunny climate, visitors can experience the fun any time of the year. Most parks are open from 8 a.m. to sunset; however, this only includes the park itself and does not include museums, historical sites, and visitor centers.

Entrance fees for Florida state parks are very low and usually consist of a $4 fee for a car of up to 8 people and a $1 for walk-ins, bicyclers, and any individuals over the 8 original. Some parks do charge $5 instead, and museums also have an entrance charge. Campers will also run into fees for camping and overnight stays.

Florida state parks also offer online services. You can find information about events, fees, and park rules online. In addition, you can purchase an annual pass, making reservations for a cabin or campground, and pay camping fees, and purchase fishing licenses.

An annual pass to Florida state parks will cost about $40 and will allow a car load of up to 8 people to enter. However, these 8 people must be in one car or one car will have to pay the regular fee. Discounts of 10% or 30% can be obtained by purchasing weekly or monthly rates.

Pets are allowed as long as pet owners follow Florida state parks’ rules. Pets must be constrained by a leash or other means. Pets are required to be vaccinated against rabies and you may have to provide proof to the fact. If you have a pet that it loud and has behavior problems they should be left at home. Pet droppings need to be picked up by pet owners to keep Florida state parks in good condition.




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