Florida State University

The State of Florida has maintained its reputation for spring break fun, but it can offer so much more. It can offer a valuable education in a state that is rich in personality and recreation. You will be gaining more than an education at Florida State University. You will be creating memories.

Florida State University offers a wide variety of degree programs including full degree programs in Law and Medicine. The university also offers 94 different bachelor programs, 107 masters programs, and 73 doctorate degrees.

In addition to Florida State University’s many degree programs, the University also offers courses in a number of international locations. In addition, select degree programs can be obtained through online courses.

The faculty members at Florida State University are very accomplished in their fields. These faculty members nurture students through their college years. In fact, the University offers an honors program.

Florida State University students can find funding by contacting the University’s financial aid department. The faculty can help you fill out an application for federal aid along with applications for Florida State University scholarships.

Florida Stat University offers a number of scholarships and tuition waivers to both current students and new freshmen. They also offer scholarships to transfer students and different departmental scholarships are offered as well.

Florida State University offers a variety of housing options. In addition to accommodating students with single or double occupancies, housing is also available for non-traditional students. Housing can be paid for through installments or financial aid and range from $1,800 to $2,470 depending on the type of housing.

There’s no need to worry about finding employment after graduation with the help of Florida State University’s career center. With the career center you can find information about different careers and information to help you succeed at finding employment.




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